Introduction to Becoming a Runagood® Business Centre

Dear Accountant,

I founded Runagood® to meet a powerful social need: that no business, however small, should be denied trustworthy and sustained business advice’.

The result of 10 years of investment is a set of proven processes, driven by original technology, that puts life-changing powers into your hands.

Runagood® technology is based on the techniques used with one million small businesses that raised UK international competitiveness from 21st to 7th place.

The revolution is in the accessibility and speed with which you can apply these, enabling you to take your share of a £16bn pa UK advice market, made affordable by every size of business, yet profitably so for you.

The early high ground is yours for the taking in this revolutionary approach to advising businesses, that will become 
the norm. 

So please join in me in this webinar to find out how you can harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to diversify your accountancy practice to deliver business advice to any business, any size, anywhere.

I look forward to working with you on this great mission.

Duncan Collins, Founder of Ltd

“A weaker player with a slower machine could dominate a stronger player with a faster machine if he or she had better interface with the computer. It’s about process”

Gary Kasparov, Chess Grand Master

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Duncan Collins

CEO, financier and business networker keeping alight the founding vision. His 55 years at work have been about starting, running and advising businesses and governments, whilst observing and learning from what works and what doesn't.

He has carefully assembled a group of Runagood® working shareholders over 7 years, bringing in and building up, relevant experience, skills and knowledge and the ability to work collaboratively. The Runagood® team has, as a result, produced the first AI Business Consultant.


Vini Bance

Expert at digital marketing and client recruitment, Vini has already marketed as a Founder and Head of Marketing in 2 successful EdTech start-ups. Her role is to recruit new Partners and to raise awareness for the Runagood® brand, bringing in ready-made knowledge of how to go to market with a new concept and then to grow the new market. Vini has faced everything that confronts starting and running a business and has the tough attitude of a winner.

What Our Clients Say

"Runagood® Artificial Intelligence analyses what every one of our client businesses is worth, every aspect of its underperformance and applies solutions, affordable by even the smallest. With no need to leave the office, this is opening a big and profitable new market."
Reddy Siddiqui LLP, Chartered Accountants
"Runagood® analytics are simple and quick to use, producing realistic current and potential valuations, enabling us to keep financing the business successfully. We are regular subscribers to the software."
Jeremy Proctor, CFO Brac Saajan